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Community Services

  1. Colton Connection Mailing List

    A mailing list for quarterly Colton Connection brochure

  2. Contact Us - Recreation

    For contact without outlook or email.

  3. Contract Class Instructor Application 2022

    Become a Contract Class Instructor with the City of Colton Community Services Department.

  4. Homeless Housing Assistance & Prevention Program Eligibility Application

    Application for low-income households in Colton in need of housing assistance may apply.

  1. Community Services - Contact Us

    For contact without outlook or email.

  2. Contact Us - Rental Inquiry

    For contact without outlook or email.

  3. Hermosa Cemetery Inquiry/Concern

    Inquiries and Concerns regarding Cemetery

  4. Park Shelter Availability Inquiry

    Park Shelter Availability


  1. Data Free Copy - Low Income Assistance

    2020 Online Low Income Assistance form for electronic submitting through website.

  2. Hospitality Program

    Colton Electric Utility will assist your hospitality business in energy efficiency upgrades. Hotels, Motels, and Inns are encouraged... More…

  4. Report a Streetlight Problem

    Fill this form out if you need to report a problem with a streetlight. The more information you can provide about the streetlight and... More…

  5. Request for Electric Usage Data

    Prior to a customer putting Solar on their property, they should have the three year data for energy use in the home, This information... More…

  6. Schedule an In home Residential Energy Audit

    Fill out this form to schedule an in home Residential Energy Audit. An energy audit involves a professional energy advisor assessing... More…

  1. Electric Vehicle Rate Application

    To apply for the Electric Vehicle Rate Program, fill in the following form. The Electric Vehicle must be registered in the City of... More…

  2. Keep Your Cool Program Application
  3. Meter Location & Panel Approval

    Procedure to Obtain Permit & Power Step 1: Submit this form to the Electric utility at 150 S. 10 th St, (909) 370-5104 (Once approved... More…

  4. Report Partial Power

    Fill this form out if you need to report a partial power in your home or business. The more information you can provide about the... More…

  5. Request for Tree Triming

    Fill this form out if you are requesting to have trees trimed that are near or touching power lines. Colton Electric Department will... More…

Government Forms

  1. Contact Us - City Clerk

    For contact without outlook or email.

  1. Request for City Services

Police Department

  1. Contact Us

    Send a general question or message of a non-urgent nature to the Police Department.

  1. Request the Honor Guard

Public Works

  1. Parks Service Request Form

    This form is used to report Parks related issues

  2. Report Graffiti

    This form is used to report graffiti within the City of Colton

  1. Public Works Service Request Form

    This form is used to report Street, Sidewalk, Shopping Cart Retrieval and Tree Related issues


  1. Classroom Presentations

    Classroom presentations are available for Colton Water Utility service area schools. This form allows teachers to request a... More…

  2. Landscaping Equipment Rebate Application
  3. Plumbing Fixtures Rebate Application
  4. Water/Wastewater Service Issues

    This form is used to report Water/Wastewater Department related issues.

  1. Food Equipment Rebate Application
  2. Medical and Dental Equipment Rebate Application
  3. Turf Removal Rebate Application