Engineering and Planning

Electric Rules and Regulations

The following Electric Rules are effective within the City of Colton as approved by the City Council

Electric Service Requirements

EUSERC Standards Manual - The City of Colton Electric Utility has the right to adopt and reject certain drawings. Specific installations require prior approval from the Electric Engineering and Planning division. Please contact 909-370-6132

Design Requirements

Load Questionnaire - Required for all Electric upgrades

Service panel upgrade requirements

Overhead Service Requirements

Underground Service Requirements

Electric Standards

City of Colton Electric Utility Construction Standards

Underground Service Alerts (DigAlert) - Check out DigAlert’s website and call 811 before you dig.

Solar/Photovoltaic (PV) Requirements

Residential typical PV installation (With City of Colton owned production meter) - Residential PV projects with customer owned production meters may use one disconnect.

Commercial/Industrial PV Requirements

Load Questionnaire - Required for all Electric upgrades