Measure V

What is Measure V?

Measure V is a ballot measure on the November 6th General Election ballot for City of Colton voters ONLY. A "YES vote" approves the City's proposal; a "NO vote" rejects the proposal. Measure V asks voters to continue the City's existing transfer of a limited portion of annual Electric Utility surplus funds to the City's General Fund. Those funds can then be used in our community to maintain Colton City services. What will Measure V do?

Measure V would provide funding for the City of Colton to maintain current service levels including 911 emergency response (fire, police, paramedics), streets and roads maintenance, parks, library and senior services, and recreational activities. All funds (100%) generated by Measure V will stay IN Colton—FOR Colton.

What if Measure V Doesn't Pass?

Without Measure V the City will have to reduce general City services, such as police, firefighter, paramedic and senior and community services. Currently there are no other funding sources available to maintain these services.

How Do We Know the City Will Manage Funds Responsibly?

Measure V includes strict fiscal accountability provisions—including Independent Citizen Oversight, mandatory audits, and annual public reports to ensure funds are spent properly.

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