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Business License

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1. How do I get an application for a City of Colton Business License?
2. How much does a Business License cost?
3. What if my business is home-based?
4. Where do I get the application for a Home Occupation Permit?
5. How long does it take to receive a Business License?
6. What if I sell my business?
7. When do I need to renew my Business License?
8. How do I obtain a Fictitious Business Name?
9. How do I obtain a Resale, Seller's, or Sales Tax Permit?

Dog Licenses

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1. How do I purchase a dog license?
2. What is the cost for a dog license?
3. How long are dog licenses valid?


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1. Do you need assistance?
2. Can I return Luque materials to the main branch or main materials to Luque?
3. Can I renew my materials online?
4. Can I renew my DVDs by phone?
5. When are DVDs due?
6. Can I put CDs and DVDs in the bookdrop?
7. How many DVDs can I check-out at once?
8. Are children able to check-out DVDs?
9. Can I use my San Bernardino County Library card at this library?
10. Can I return San Bernardino County Library books at this library?
11. How many books can I check-out at once?
12. Do you have a fax machine?
13. Do you have a scanner?
14. How much do you charge for DVDs?
15. How much does it cost to print from the computers?
16. Do you have wi-fi and wi-fi printing?
17. How old must a child be to get a library card?
18. How many times can I renew my materials?
19. Do you have ebooks?
20. Do you take donations?
21. Do you charge for library cards?
22. If I don't live in Colton, can I still get a library card?
23. Do I need to have my library card with me to use the computer and check out materials?
24. Can I use another person's card to use the computer?
25. Can a child use his or her parent's library card without them being present?
26. Does the library offer notary services?


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1. I got a "Fix-It" ticket, now what do I do?
2. I want to appeal my parking ticket. What do I need to do?

Utility Billing Services

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1. What is needed to sign up for utility service?
2. What is the last day to pay my utility bill before I receive a late fee?

Water / Wastewater

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1. Where does Colton's drinking water come from?

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